September 29, 2016

Get the Latest Trends in Relocation: Cartus Releases 2016 Policy and Practices Survey Report

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Get the Latest Trends in Relocation: Cartus Releases 2016 Policy and Practices Survey Report

If you are a mobility manager, having your finger on the pulse of global mobility trends is important. But you not only need to know what the trends are, you also need to know how they may impact your mobility program, and what your peers are doing to effectively manage their programs.

Cartus-2016-Policy-and-Practices-HighlightsWe are pleased to present Cartus’ 2016 Trends in Global Relocation: Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey—the seventh in our series of policy and practices surveys that began in 2002. The survey received responses from 176 mobility managers, representing nearly 10 million employees globally. It continues our investigation into global mobility trends, related policy approaches, and the solutions organizations are employing.

The report addresses key trends in mobility and takes a detailed look at policy approaches, assignment types, and hot topics, including cost control, talent management, duty of care, and more.

Key Survey Findings

After reading the survey report, you’ll be able to answer these questions on key trends:

  • Are long-term assignments still king? 81% of respondents expect long-term assignment activity to increase or stay the same over the next two years.
  • How are companies managing flexibility in their global mobility programs? 76% of companies are seeing an increased need for flexibility, with budget constraints the key driver.
  • What are companies doing about compliance risk? 79% of companies said that their focus on compliance has increased in the past two years.
  • How are companies approaching cost containment? The top cost-saving measure implemented in 2016 is outsourcing, versus the top cost-saving measure in 2014, which was restructuring policy.
  • Should regional differences impact how you manage your mobility policy and practices? The greatest difference in mobility activity between regions lies in which assignment types had the lowest growth in “traditional” assignment types, and which “newer” assignment types had the highest rates of growth.

Find Out More About the Latest Relocation Trends

For insights gleaned from respondents on their approaches and recommendations, request a copy of the full survey report or take a look at our Survey Highlights. If you weren’t able to attend our Worldwide ERC® webinar on September 21, I urge you to listen to a playback of the webinar where we shared information on key survey trends and the specific issues our clients are facing.

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