June 18, 2015

60 Years of Pride: Watch our Stories!



60 Years of Pride: Watch our Stories!

60 years ago a new house could be purchased in the U.S. for under $11,000 and in UK for around £2,000, and our company was formed to help transferring employees find new homes. By 1957, the company had grown to employ 95 people and was on its way to relocation fame and fortune.

Today, we are nearly 3,000 employees strong and have grown so far beyond the parameters of “home finding,” that our founders wouldn’t even recognize the company. We thought it would be a great idea to capture some stories from both long-time and newer employees in our Cartus 60-Year Stories video series.

Some employees who were part of that new, growing company are still with us, so we asked a few of them to sit in front of a video camera and reminisce about the olden days, when there was not a computer on every desk, or for that matter, on any desk. In fact, some early employees did not even have desks! But guess what: many of them are still coming to work at Cartus every day. They likely have fancier digs that include a phone, a computer, and a desk, but that isn’t what kept them here. Instead, they stayed for the sense of achievement and accomplishment that assisting our customers instilled in them. Doing it right, doing it faster, better, more thoroughly than the competition is, and always has been, a point of pride at Cartus.

I’ve been with Cartus for more than 20 years and have been amazed at the evolution of our company and all of our accomplishments. But don’t just listen to me; listen to what our employees have to say in our Cartus 60-Year Stories. We’d love to hear your stories about Cartus as well, so feel free to send them to us at trustedguidance@cartus.com; and remember to check back often, as our playlist will be updated continually with new videos.

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