November 15, 2016

Australia Relocation: What You Need to Know

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Australia Relocation: What You Need to Know

Posted by: Ashley Barry, Director, Supply Chain Management, APAC

It’s the world's 12th largest economy and known fondly as the ‘Lucky Country’, but Australia remains a challenging location for some international assignees. Our Cartus Australia Market Watch outlines relocation challenges and the best practices to help solve them.

Below are just a few key pieces of information and top tips that may help both international assignees and the companies relocating them.


  • Once the relocation has been scheduled, assignees should consider opening a Migrant Banking Account online with an Australian bank. This means that, once they are in-country, they have immediate access to funds to pay deposits needed to secure properties and school places.
  • Real estate agents prefer not to hold private viewings, instead opting for ‘open house’ events.
  • It’s important to remember that rental rates in Australia are given for weekly timeframes, not monthly as they are in most other countries.          
  • A diplomatic clause (allowing the tenant to end a lease term early), is seen more as a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ and will not be included in the contract. There may also be some landlords that will not agree to one at all.


  • In Australia, winter months are from June to August and summer is between December and February. As a large island, there is a wide variation of climates but, generally speaking, the north is hot and tropical, whilst the south tends to be sub-tropical and temperate.
  • Hot summers can make being outside in the heat of day rather uncomfortable, especially when trying to find a new home or school. With this in mind, we recommend scheduling any look/see trips or permanent moves outside the hottest months of the year. 

Cultural Issues

  • Although it is an English-speaking country, Australia has a unique culture and expatriates should be cognizant of this when starting their international assignment.
  • Australia has lots to offer expatriates, from visiting beautiful beaches and trekking through the Outback, to enjoying the eclectic mix of cuisine and learning all about the country’s fascinating wildlife.

For a more detailed review of Australia, read the Cartus Australia MarketWatch, watch our On the Ground video on relocating to the country, and view our Resource Page for information on other major locations worldwide.

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Ashley is the director of Supply Chain Management for Asia. She has more than a decade of global relocation experience, specializing in supplier sourcing, supplier performance management, and relocations to Asia’s key emerging markets.

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