October 26, 2017

Relocation Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions

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Relocation Best Practices for Mergers and Acquisitions

Posted by: Jesse Marshall, Client Services Director and John Poklemba, Global Account Director

As the global business environment continues to change and evolve, it is common for companies to be involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a means to further expand their organizations. There are many complex elements involved in an M&A, and managing the movement of your key talent is one critical piece.

Cartus has a lot of experience working through the complex issues associated with managing merger and acquisition strategies for companies of all sizes. Read our Mobility Insights: Relocation Best Practices for Mergers & Acquisitions, which discusses the challenges associated with an M&A, and offers best practices for success, both pre- and post-acquisition announcement 

Why Can Mergers and Acquisitions Be Such a Challenge?

While no M&A situation is exactly the same, relocation is one area that most organizations have very little experience in navigating. Proactive planning of a merger and acquisition process can anticipate some, but not all, of the mobility decisions that need to be made. Areas that can add complexity include size of the merger, differing corporate cultures, geographies, budget, benefit levels, and much more.

Relocation’s Place in a Merger

The task of implementing a new relocation policy may involve many obstacles. Relocation professionals play a pivotal role in managing the mobility aspects of an effective transition. Aspects of successful relocation program implementation may include:

  • Gaining empowerment from upper management
  • Addressing cultural differences
  • Coping with delays
  • Constructing a budget for merger-related mobility issues

Cartus Best Practices for an M&A

There many things that go into the success of an M&A, but following are just a few pre- and post-announcement critical items:

Before Announcement of the M&A

  • Identify key contacts and project owners
  • Schedule time within your organization to outline things like expatriate demographics, vendor roles and global mobility policy components
  • Review timing and key activities

After Announcement of the M&A

  • Analyze the previous and new employer’s relocation packages side by side
  • Schedule time to review relocation benefits with employees and allow them to ask questions
  • Develop a training guide to quickly educate relocation team on new policy and procedures

For more information on successfully managing the relocation aspects of an M&A, read our Mobility Insights: Relocation Best Practices for Mergers & Acquisitions.  

We hope that following these best practices is helpful for guiding you towards a successful outcome. Please email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com for more information on M&As, we’d be happy to discuss further with you. And for more information on other areas of relocation, and to read Cartus’ research studies, visit our Resource Hub on Cartus.com.

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