November 19, 2014

The Biggest Challenges Facing Relocation Managers: Cartus Releases 2014 Survey Report

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The Biggest Challenges Facing Relocation Managers: Cartus Releases 2014 Survey Report

Working with Cartus’ broad base of global clients, we see firsthand the extensive array of challenges that global mobility managers face around the world. In our fourth annual Trends in Global Relocation: Biggest Challenges survey, 164 mobility managers provide snapshots of the issues they are encountering and what their companies are doing in response. Our Executive Summarygives you a look at their insights and the survey’s key findings.

In the survey, we take a look at the key concerns in 11 regions around the globe and identify the most difficult regions for managing relocation programs. Among this year’s findings that I found significant, Africa took over as the most challenging region for managing relocation, with last year’s most difficult region, Central and South America, falling all the way to fifth place. Controlling costs, housing, and compliance led the list of concerns, which is not entirely surprising since they’ve been among the top three issues vexing relocation managers in the previous three surveys.

We also took aim at shedding light on some of relocation’s hottest topics, including whether companies are prepared for the risks associated with stealth expatriates; what companies are doing to address assignee safety concerns; and the biggest stumbling blocks facing mobility managers in China, India, and Brazil.

Please take a look at the key findings of the survey from our Executive Summary and view survey highlights in our short YouTube video. Also, if you weren’t able to attend our Worldwide ERC® webinar on November 11, I urge you to listen to a playback of the webinar where we shared insights into the specific issues our clients are facing and how they are prepared to meet them, including housing, compliance, and cost control.

If you’re looking for more detail on the top concerns facing mobility professionals, as well as insights from respondents on their approaches and recommendations, contact your Cartus representative or email us at for the complete survey report.

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