September 20, 2018

Building on our Worldwide ERC Partnership to Drive Innovation in Mobility

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Building on our Worldwide ERC Partnership to Drive Innovation in Mobility

Posted by: Jennifer McCarthy, Vice President, Global Marketing

We’re thrilled to be working with Worldwide ERC® to promote the latest trends and hot topics in the relocation landscape. So, when given the opportunity to present sponsored content for Worldwide ERC’s Innovation Spotlight feature, we engaged in the opportunity as we both share a passion for innovation.

Cartus Global Product and Innovation Officer, Scott Becker, recently authored an article on Worldwide ERC’s website, Innovation and Iteration in the Ever-Changing Relocation Landscape. In the article, Scott shares his thoughts on the evolution of technology in global mobility and how, following the tenets of Agile development, we introduced our latest technology offering, the Cartus MovePro ToolkitSM. He also describes how our newly formed Product Solutions team helps ensure that we are constantly innovating and evolving through customer-driven feedback. Visit the Worldwide ERC website to read this engaging article.

If you would like more information on the Cartus MovePro Toolkit, visit, and read our press release for further details on our Product Solutions team. We will provide updates as we continue to introduce innovative solutions.

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