February 26, 2015

Cartus Continues Global Expansion: Opens New Service Center in Brazil

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Cartus Continues Global Expansion: Opens New Service Center in Brazil

As part of our strategic expansion to better serve our global relocation clients and their transferring employees, we’re proud to announce that earlier this month, we opened our newest service center in São Paulo, Brazil.

This new service center is another important Cartus initiative and a natural expansion for us, as we already have significant experience in Brazil. In 2014 alone, Cartus transferred over 1,300 assignees to and from the country.

Ranked as the seventh largest economy in the world, Brazil has become a critical strategic market in Latin America. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, ranked as the 49th and 65th most expensive cities in the world, welcome most of the assignees in the country. The challenges they typically face include language and cultural differences as well as bureaucracy and security. In 2016, Brazil will host the Olympic Games— an event that will affect key elements of international mobility such as shipping, customs, immigration, and temporary accommodation.

Our newest office will serve the specific relocation needs of some of our largest clients not only in Brazil, but also throughout Latin America. With a presence in the region, we’ll offer:

•  Closer contact with clients and customers, enabling us to provide services based on proximity and availability.

•  Optimum understanding of local practices and culture to support the assignees we relocate and help them settle better.

•  On-the-ground market intelligence and advice for our clients on changes in Latin America and the impacts on their relocation policies and processes.

•  A dedicated team attentive to local laws, compliance, and country-specific nuances serving assignments into Brazil.

To celebrate the Brazil service center opening, Cartus executives held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house on February 24 that was attended by representatives of major clients; Cartus Senior VP David Pascoe; Cartus Client Services Director Molly Turchuk; and our Brazil office staff members: Caio Leal, Cartus CSM; Danyel Andre Margarido, EAC; Aline Sodre Lopes, SCM/Account Manager; Priscila Damasceno, SEAC; and Fellipe Fernandes, EAC.

Please read our Market Watch for more information about relocation to Brazil.

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David serves as interim managing director for EMEA and APAC and senior vice president, client services. He has been with Cartus since 1999 and has worked in the global mobility field for over 20 years.

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