March 12, 2015

Cartus Crisis Management Team’s 2014 Report & A Look Ahead

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Cartus Crisis Management Team’s 2014 Report & A Look Ahead

The Cartus Headquarters Crisis Management Team has long had one overriding goal: to ensure that every employee, in every worldwide office, is prepared for various emergency situations, and that our business will continue to operate so we can support our clients and customers seamlessly—even in the event of unexpected interruptions. In spite of Mother Nature’s best efforts in 2014, Cartus offices weathered a variety of interruptions; in Danbury, the CMT continued to be focused on providing all employees with the information necessary to ensure their health and safety while at work, when traveling for business, and at home.

Issues Faced Locally

Throughout 2014, both our internal emergency response and Business Continuity plans were tested and put into effect during events that occurred at our various facilities. These events ranged from snow-related closings/delays, tornado warnings, and power outages to general building services. Due to the range of occurrences, our Business Continuity plans were implemented successfully a total of 31 times, worldwide.

2014 Accomplishments

Last year, the CMT’s achievements included:

•  Reviewed plans and processes for dealing with Ebola virus; and updated our Pandemic Plan, which has been used for guidance during other pandemics (e.g., Asian flu).

•  Held joint meetings and simulated drills with other Cartus offices to test coordination and communication among involved parties.

•  Produced an information guide for visitors with detailed information of our emergency procedures—where to go, and what to do, in the event of unanticipated issues.

•  Continued to track all Cartus travelers and communicated with travelers as necessary regarding situations that may be occurring while traveling (airborne illness concerns, airport delays, weather issues, etc.).

2015 Goals

This year, an overriding goal of the CMT is to work with every Cartus office worldwide to make certain that a viable Business Continuity Plan is in place. Other initiatives include ongoing emergency training for our Crisis teams worldwide, and implementing a business-wide communications system and process for all major Business Application outages.

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