December 11, 2017

Happy Holidays from Cartus and Our Wishes for a World of Peace

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Happy Holidays from Cartus and Our Wishes for a World of Peace

As a worldwide company, we’re fortunate to have colleagues, clients and friends in every corner of the globe. So when it came time to produce this year’s holiday greetings video, the message that came to mind was one we all shared: embracing diversity and peace.

Throughout the year, in a variety of ways, we’re reminded of just how much we share through our global citizenship initiatives, how much we make a difference in our local and worldwide communities, and just how much our employees, network members, suppliers and client partners make it all possible. This year, more than ever, we’d like to extend our wishes to you for a warm holiday season, our thanks to you for being a part of the Cartus family, and our deepest hopes to all for a year filled with joy and a world filled with peace.

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