April 23, 2015

Cartus Industry Profile Reports: Technology



Cartus Industry Profile Reports: Technology

Cartus Industry Profiles present snapshots of the different ways in which individual industries approach key issues related to the handling of their relocation programs, based on data compiled for the Cartus 2014 Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey.

Our profile on the tech industry provides a summary of responses from individuals in that industry and compares them to overall survey responses. You can also view our video that summarizes the findings of the tech industry report.

How the Tech Industry is Different

The industry’s primary driver for mobility activity was mergers/acquisitions or investment activity, which was 39 percentage points higher than overall responses. This speaks to the industry’s highly competitive nature and constant demand for innovation, and likely is the reason why tech aligns with overall respondents in predicting that the developmental assignment will have the largest increase to develop talents such as leadership and management.

The Future of Tech Industry Mobility

The tech industry has lower overall numbers regarding a general increase in mobility activity. However, the responses do indicate plans to increase certain temporary move types, among them extended business travel and commuter assignments. The tech industry’s biggest challenge is cost control, and these move types may be the best method for cost containment.

For our full tech sector report, or to obtain a profile for another specific industry sector, please contact your Cartus representative, or email TrustedGuidance@Cartus.com.

Please also visit our Resource Hub on cartus.com for information on a wide variety of relocation-related topics.

In addition to technology, Cartus also offers reporting on the following industries:

•  Finance
•  Oil & Gas
•  Consumer Goods
•  Manufacturing/Construction
•  Raw Materials
•  Service/Media
•  Pharma


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