March 19, 2015

Cartus Named to Training 125 List for 14th Consecutive Year

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Cartus Named to Training 125 List for 14th Consecutive Year

For the 14th consecutive year, Cartus has been ranked as a top company for organizational development and training by Training Magazine—the training industry’s premier publication. We are the only relocation services provider to be included in Training’s Top 125 list.

“Being recognized by Training Magazine for 14 consecutive years is a tremendous source of pride for us,” said Amy Meichner, Cartus senior vice president, global human resources. “The collaboration between our Learning & Development staff and our business groups is what helps us identify the innovative training solutions that are the cornerstone of the services we provide to our clients and customers worldwide.”

Cartus aces Training’s stringent evaluations

Training’s annual competition evaluates hundreds of applicants’ learning programs, which are judged on elements such as internal best practices, demonstrable results, innovation, and evaluation procedures. Our award-winning formula included an emphasis on mentoring; the Cartus “MyMentor” program uses mentor-matching software that helps employees find the right fit. Once they’ve been matched, the two participants establish a common meeting schedule over a six-month period, using mentor-specific materials, tasks, and worksheets that help the mentees define and develop their career goals.

90% of mentees would recommend the program

After the six-month timeframe, 90% of participants surveyed said they would recommend the program to colleagues, and nearly 80% felt they had achieved their pre-set goals. In addition to the formal mentoring program, Cartus HR also partners with various business units to coordinate the “Walk in my Shoes” program, in which employees meet with representatives of other departments and learn about their business functions and day-to-day operations.

Cartus is focused on delivering expert and trusted guidance to the organizations and transferring employees we serve. As such, we pride ourselves on being recognized for our training and development efforts. Helping our employees develop their career goals and grow their expertise helps them be more productive members of our team, and helps our customers receive the best possible support. It’s a win-win for all involved!

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