July 31, 2018

Chile Relocation: What You Need to Know

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Chile Relocation: What You Need to Know

Posted by: Carla DaSilva, Manager, Supply Chain Management

Chile is a beautiful country, known for its sustained growth and economic stability. There are great opportunities available to international assignees relocating there, but there are many things you need to know about that can make your stay more enjoyable, including business and personal relationships, the housing market, transportation, and education. Our latest Relocation Country Guide on Chile, produced in conjunction with Cartus’ destination service provider, LARM Chile, takes a look at the opportunities available to expats and offers best practice advice on how to overcome challenges.

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Finding Housing in Santiago                                                                                                       

The housing market is generally fast moving, but you can find apartments and houses in Santiago. A realtor fee, equivalent to one month of rent plus VAT, is paid half by the landlord and half by the tenant. Guarantors are required and must be a local entity.

Top Tip! Law stipulates that if a lease is canceled, penalties will apply (usually equivalent to the months left from the original term). To terminate a lease contract, it is customary to provide certified written notice 60 days in advance.

Doing Business

While Spanish is the primary language, many people speak English. Relationships are very important to Chileans and they are considered to be kind and open with foreign visitors.

Top Tip! Chileans are open and direct, but tactful. Building relationships and trust first, before doing business, is essential.

Education Options

It is important for expats to know that school options are limited, and some schools will have waiting lists for some, or all, grades. While the best education offered is in private schools, they are also very difficult to get into. Additionally, bilingual and co-ed schools are very limited.

Top Tip! Start the admission process as soon as possible, and most schools require children to be tested before acceptance.

For a more detailed review of Chile, read the Cartus Relocation Guide on Chile, and view our Resource Hub for information on other major locations worldwide.

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