November 12, 2015

China Relocation: Customs Update for Household Goods Shipments into Shanghai

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China Relocation: Customs Update for Household Goods Shipments into Shanghai

There has been a recent development in customs requirements for household goods shipments coming into Shanghai, China that may impact assignees’ relocation plans. This is not a new requirement; rather, effective 1 November 2015, Shanghai Customs began reinforcing an already existing rule that only long-term transferees (either on a work permit or residence permit for more than 365 days) are allowed to bring household goods into Shanghai. In the past, Customs either accepted 10-12 months validity on the permit, or charged full duties in order to allow the shipment of household goods into Shanghai; but now, they will refuse the import of household goods for permits less than 365 days.

What do you need to do?

Companies should consult with all transferees with household goods going to Shanghai, and ensure their coordination with their immigration provider, to make certain that their permit can be issued for more than 365 days. Shanghai customs has agreed to obtain special approval by senior customs officers for shipments with “Actual Time of Arrival” on and before November 15, 2015.

Once again, this is not a new requirement; rather, it is enforcement of an already existing rule. Should you or your assignees have any questions regarding relocation into Shanghai, please contact your Cartus representative.

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