June 6, 2018

Trends and Best Practices Supporting Outbound China Assignments—Take our Pulse Survey!

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Trends and Best Practices Supporting Outbound China Assignments—Take our Pulse Survey!

Posted by: Ryan Hull, Strategic Business Solutions Director, China 

Companies relocating employees from China to other countries around the world can face a number of complex and unique challenges. Cartus has developed a short pulse survey to identify best practices among companies with Chinese national outbound assignees to identify and focus on key trends, opportunities, and strategies. The survey also explores the factors that determine how mobility policies and benefit levels are built and the challenges and opportunities they drive.

Please take this short pulse survey which will be open through June 13th. TAKE-THE-SURVEY-BUTTON-RED.png

The survey will uncover patterns and issues that lead to a better understanding of the dynamics of moving Chinese nationals to other locations around the globe, and identify the best practices of your colleagues.

Again, this survey will only be open through June 13th, so we thank you in advance for your participation. Please contact us at trustedguidance@cartus.com if you have any questions.

For the findings of Cartus’ recent research surveys, check out our Research area in our Resource Hub on Cartus.com

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Ryan Hull is Cartus’ Strategic Business Solutions Director, China. He is based in our Shanghai office and focuses on providing corporate relocation solutions to companies in China.

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