August 11, 2015

College Scholarships Awarded to 3 Employees’ Children

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College Scholarships Awarded to 3 Employees’ Children


I’m proud to announce that three graduating seniors, whose parents are Cartus employees, have been chosen as recipients of the company’s Sixth Annual Collegiate Scholarship Awards, which total $4,000. In all, 19 highly qualified applicants were considered for the awards.

The 2015 recipient of the company’s $2,000 Scholarship Award is Connor Ghirardo of Arlington, WA, who will attend Stanford University. Two students won $1,000 scholarships: Jennifer Coté of Bethel, CT, who will attend Muhlenberg College; and Jordan Hunt of Castle Rock, CO, who will attend Colorado State University.

These three remarkable students exemplify the kind of leadership that both the business community and the world will clearly need in the future, and Cartus is thrilled to be able to support them as they continue achieving their educational goals.

This is the sixth year that Cartus has offered its Scholarship Awards and, to date, we have distributed $25,000 to college-bound children of Cartus employees.


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Shelley Northrop
Congrats to these accomplished scholars!
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