September 6, 2018

Customer-Driven Innovation Powers an Intuitive Suite of Digital Relocation Tools

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Customer-Driven Innovation Powers an Intuitive Suite of Digital Relocation Tools

Posted by: Katrina Helmkamp, President & CEO of Cartus

Now, more than ever, employees expect their relocation experience to be tailored to their individual situation and needs; organizations expect the same for their mobility and HR administrators. Speed, flexibility, agility…those are the watchwords for today’s mobile workforce and those who manage them. While technology can’t replace the human touch that is vital to supporting transferring employees and mobility managers, intuitive tools can help bolster and improve your ability to be successful in today’s agile business environment. On a personal note, having moved seven times as an adult, I’ve appreciated the use of innovative tools to streamline my more recent relocations.

That’s why we're excited to introduce the Cartus MovePro ToolkitSM—a dynamic suite of digital tools, powered by customer-driven innovation—to help both you and your transferring employees navigate the entire relocation journey with ease and confidence, supported by our exceptional customer service. This intuitive suite of tools will benefit both relocation managers and transferring employees.

Below are just some of the key highlights of MovePro Toolkit. I look forward to sharing more details on each of the tools in the coming weeks.

Innovative Technology with the Cartus Touch

MovePro Timeline SM

Whether you’re relocating across the country or around the world, the moving process can be overwhelming. But we know that transferring employees are more comfortable and productive when they know where they are in their relocation journey and what’s coming next. Using the data we’ve acquired over millions of relocations, MovePro Timeline leverages predictive analytics to provide your transferring employees with an interactive and personalized move experience.

How does this help your transferring employees?

  • MovePro Timeline is dynamic, so it updates and reforecasts as the move progresses, allowing employees to see what they’ve completed and what’s still ahead in their journey, while providing access to resources
  • Milestone markers and alerts keep employees on track
  • Clearly labeled tasks guide employees to key steps where they need to take action

MovePro Dashboard SM

MovePro Dashboard enables better, smarter, faster decisions by placing key stats at your fingertips—stats that you choose and configure to best fit your program. This allows you, and your Cartus team, to better evaluate your program trends and make adjustments to streamline processes, analyze costs, and turn insights into action.

What does this mean for you?

  • Customized convenience through true “build-your-own” functionality
  • The ability to filter key performance indicators by time, currency, region, and move type
  • One-click access to deeper supporting detail 

MovePro BenefitsBuilder SM

In the age of digitally powered personalization, transferring employees expect every aspect of their relocation experience to be customized to their individual situation, while still being supported by their Cartus consultant. MovePro BenefitsBuilder is an easy-to-use tool that allows your relocating employees to model potential benefit packages based on how many points they’ve been allotted.

What does this mean for your transferring employees?

  • The intuitive, easy-to-use tool allows your employees to view point values of different benefits and “drag and drop” them to build packages.
  • Your employees can experiment with different benefit combinations so that they are a step ahead when it comes time to collaborate with their Cartus consultant.  

MovePro SmartWallet SM

The competition for top global talent is intense. Employees who receive limited benefits need more than just a lump sum payment—they need robust relocation resources and support to ensure that their unique move experiences are as successful as possible. MovePro SmartWallet has been specifically designed to empower these relocating employees and speed up service delivery.

What does this mean for your transferring employees?

MovePro SmartWallet offers:

  • Automated lump sum payment requests and disbursements
  • Cost estimator and expense tracker
  • Supplier recommendations and self-referral options through our vetted network
  • Integrated MLS real estate listings
  • Access to our interactive MovePro Timeline
  • Comprehensive city and country destination area information

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can contact your Cartus representative to learn more about the Cartus MovePro Toolkit and how it can support your relocation program. Please watch our short MovePro highlight video below and visit our MovePro overview on to learn more about how our innovative technology can support you and your transferring employees. 

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