May 3, 2016

Domestic U.S. Household Goods Restrictions on Hover Boards



Domestic U.S. Household Goods Restrictions on Hover Boards

Safety is a primary concern throughout Cartus’ business, including relocating employees’ household goods shipments and the people that handle them. As such, effective immediately our domestic U.S. household goods network carriers have placed restrictions on the transportation of hover boards. There have been documented cases where hover board batteries have short circuited and caused fires. This poses a danger to shipments and personnel involved with household goods transportation.

What does this mean for relocating employees?

The majority of our network requires the removal of the hover board battery before shipping and requires the battery to not be part of the shipment in any way. Customers with hover boards will have to transport the battery on their own. However, some models of hover boards have built in batteries that cannot be removed. In these cases the hover board cannot be part of the shipment. The customer will have to transport the hover board on their own.

In addition, certain van lines have taken the position that they will not transport hover boards at all. With or without batteries, they feel that the risk is too high and therefore restrict all hover boards. When moving with these van lines, customers will be counseled to move the hover board on their own.  

Cartus will continue to keep you updated on this issue, and any other issues that have a potential impact on your household goods shipments. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Cartus representative.

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