May 8, 2018

Listen to a Replay of our Worldwide ERC Webinar on Duty of Care

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Listen to a Replay of our Worldwide ERC Webinar on Duty of Care

Posted by: Caio Leal, Client Services Director, Brazil

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a Worldwide ERC® webinar, Geopolitical Upheaval and Duty of Care: What Mobility Managers Need to Know, with Tracey Rennie, Vice President, Client Services at Cartus, and Alvaro Borquez, Senior HR Manager, Latin America for Procter & Gamble, discussing how unexpected events can have a considerable impact on the relocation process. We discussed how thinking fast, identifying creative solutions, and communicating quickly led to a successful, and positive, move.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend our webinar, listen to a playback of the webinar or view the handout of our presentation. And for more information on duty of care and other areas of relocation, and to read Cartus’ research studies, visit our Resource Hub on

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What are companies doing to protect their employees when the unexpected happens? Find out more about the challenges and best practice approaches involved in our white paper: Duty of Care: Protecting Your Employees from Risk.

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Caio Leal is Client Services Director for Cartus’ office in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, Caio is a lawyer and has more than seven years’ experience in global mobility for the Latin America region.

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