August 30, 2018

Is Your Extended Business Travel Program Strategic or on Autopilot?

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Is Your Extended Business Travel Program Strategic or on Autopilot?

Posted by: Patrick Lewis, Manager, Marketing Communications

Extended Business Travelers (EBTs) are on the rise as organizations look for cost-effective alternatives to long-term assignments to support their changing demographic of employees, and employees look for flexible options that offer opportunities for career development.Take Our Survey Button blue.png

The benefits of EBTs are wide ranging, including flexibility for companies and employees, cost savings relative to an assignment, the ability to meet project needs, and employee development. However, there are unique challenges and risks that mobility managers should be aware of.

Please Take Our Short Pulse Survey to Share Your Insights

Please take our pulse surveyopen through September 10th, to share how you are managing EBTs, the support you are providing, the challenges you are facing, and the needs that you still have to effectively support this group of employees. The findings of this pulse survey will share the best practices of your mobility colleagues, shed light on this growing assignment type, and help you maximize your opportunities to develop this area.

Your feedback on this growing trend is important, and all qualified participants will receive a free copy of the survey results.

Again, this survey will only be open through September 10th, so we thank you in advance for participating in this pulse survey! Please contact us at if you have any questions. For the findings of Cartus’ recent research surveys, check out the Research area in our Resource Hub on

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