February 9, 2017

Finding the Impossible: One Property for Two Families Relocating to Paris

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Finding the Impossible: One Property for Two Families Relocating to Paris

Posted by: Danielle Fortier, International Assignment Services Consultant, Paris

As a Cartus Consultant based in our Paris office, helping international assignees and their families find ideal homes is a challenge that I encounter nearly every day. But there’s a challenge, and then there’s finding a property to house two families under one roof, in Central Paris, close to two international schools. This was a request made by one international assignee and his family that I helped relocate to France.  

Finding the Impossible

The assignee and his wife were relocating to Paris with their four children, but the family wanted their nanny to join them on assignment. She had become part of the family and they couldn’t imagine starting this new chapter of their lives without her. The nanny had her own family however, which meant her husband and their baby also needed to relocate.

Of course in Paris’ outer suburbs, finding a property for nine people can be sourced fairly easily. The major challenge was that the property needed to be located in the city, in an area close to the assignee’s new workplace and to the two international schools that the children would attend.

Typically, Paris’ city centre is made up of small one- and two-bed apartments, with the availability of larger properties being very limited. Not only that but, at Cartus, we have found that the rental market in Paris continues to be tight, with the number of prospective tenants outnumbering available stock.

Going the Whole Nine Yards

Knowing the local rental market conditions, I wasted no time in starting the property search: a five-bedroom home, big enough for nine people, including four children and a baby. Not only that, but I had to find a landlord who would agree to extending the move-in date past the standard one month mark, as the family’s timeframe wouldn’t accommodate the earlier lease start. This was a big task, as the fast-moving rental market meant that landlords have a good choice of prospective tenants.  

Achieving this tall order relied on my influencing skills, knowledge of local practices, and the strong relationships that Cartus has built with local real estate agents and landlords across the city. In a crowded market, it is these relationships that can give assignees an advantage.

On Cloud Nine

After a lot of persistence, the group of nine now happily resides in a five-bedroom property, large enough to house everyone, in an area of the city that would typically be an impossible place to find a property for a group of this size. This meant that the assignee could focus on his new role, knowing that his family had settled into their new home.  

Watch our short video for the whole story, and see more stories like this by visiting the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website.

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Dani is based in Cartus’ Paris office and works as a Consultant on a number of our key accounts. She attained her GMS® certification from Worldwide ERC® in 2015.

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