November 20, 2017

How Does Enterprise Mobility Support Global Relocation?

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How Does Enterprise Mobility Support Global Relocation?

Enterprise mobility can be defined as the combination of people, processes, and technology built around mobile devices, wireless networks, and cloud computing that allow businesses to work in a decentralized fashion. Global mobility, in which employees relocate for jobs around the world, is a direct beneficiary of some of the recent innovations in enterprise mobility. Cartus recently had the opportunity to share some thoughts on innovative technology within enterprise mobility and relocation in a CIO Applications article, Enterprise Mobility Meets Global Mobility

What’s Changing In Global Mobility and Enterprise Mobility?

While companies traditionally moved employees from one place to another permanently, today’s moves include temporary and short-term transfers, as well as commuting and extended business travel. That means that services and information need to be made available, seamlessly, through a variety of means, and on various devices. This is particularly true for millennial employees who want self-service features, mobile choices, and social tools to support their relocations. Cartus’ mobile app, as an example, has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and used in more than 125 countries. What is the next service innovation that will benefit global relocation? Look for Personal Relocation Assistants that can answer policy questions and provide status updates for relocating employees.

“Big Data” has been on many organizations’ radar for a long time, and they have been collecting data to dissect past performance. New technology is allowing us to use that data through predictive analytics to set expectations for relocating employees and let them know where they are on their relocation journey. Cartus’ “Interactive Timeline” applies advanced analytics to our wealth of data to predict the path of an employee’s relocation throughout the move and support them along the way. What’s the next step? Cartus is investing in advanced analytics that will help clients predict return on investment for their relocation program.

Challenges of Technology and Enterprise Mobility

While new technologies are critical to the growth of global business, equally as critical is the security to protect personal data and meet higher standards for privacy and data protection. Also important to understand is that relocation at its heart is a personal business, and there will always be the need to strike a balance between technology and the personal touch needed to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Please read the CIO Applications article to see how technology has the potential to change how we look at enterprise mobility and relocation, and let us know your thoughts by commenting on the post.

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