September 21, 2018

Making Relocation in EMEA Sweeter, One Scoop at a Time

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Making Relocation in EMEA Sweeter, One Scoop at a Time

Posted by: Libby Dowd, Senior Specialist, Communications

In part two of our ice cream trilogy, I will be shifting gears from top ice cream spots in the Americas, to finding the hottest spots for cool treats in EMEA. Our top three most popular destinations for relocation in the region are London, Geneva and Dublin, so let’s see what I can “scoop up” from asking friends and family for their suggestions, along with doing some serious online research.

The EMEA Region

London, UK


Small batches of joy is how they describe their cool confections. Who doesn’t want a little more joy in their lives? They have introduced their fall lineup and I would easily fall in and line up for Pear and Blackberry Crumble or Black Forest (dark chocolate with sour cherries).

Milk Train

This place turns out “feast for your eyes” cones. Surrounded by a swirl of cotton candy, cue the sugar coma, Milk Train says “Live your ice cream dreams.” OK, I can do that. The cotton candy accessory is not required for anyone who doesn’t have the palate of a nine-year-old, but the creations are well worthy of an Instagram post so, snap happily with the fervor of a 14-year- old girl and post like mad when you visit.

Chin Chin Dessert Club

Chin Chin has a mission statement and that is to make life more fun. They claim to be (and it could be true) the first liquid nitrogen ice cream makers ever. Honestly, I don’t care if they were the first or not, I just want to sample their flavors like Burnt Butter Caramel or Basil Chocolate Chip. Plus they have ice cream nachos and choux bun sandwiches and those are worth investigating from their names alone.

Geneva, Switzerland


Crème Brulee, yes please. Forest Fruits and Swiss Cream, yes please. Double Crème and Meringue…OK.  Geneva might be one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but the fact that there is a place like Movenpick in Geneva easily outweighs that fact. I would relocate there in a heartbeat. That, and Geneva is a stunning city in a breathtaking country. Movenpick is just the cherry on top.


This place gets wonderful reviews on popular travel sites, where the consensus is that it is some of the best ice cream in town. The website does not post flavors or photos so I was forced to do some sleuthing to find more info. The photos I found showed bright and colorful scoops that overflowed the containers. So many people raved about it online that it warrants a closer look if you are in this Swiss city.


This chain from Italy has an outpost in Geneva, as well as shops around the world (you can find a few in the U.S. in Florida and Las Vegas), and it is well worth the visit.  It serves up some of the better ice cream around and uses the freshest local raw materials. In keeping with their Italian roots, you will find a Zabaione flavor and a ricotta cheese with orange zest and caramelized almonds. Lucky for Geneva that they landed a Bellamia franchise.

Dublin, Ireland

Murphy’s Ice Cream

This place is legit. They make their sea salt from Dingle sea water…they make their sea salt! That speaks volumes, because if they are making their own sea salt, then we know the other ingredients are off the wall artisanal. Free range eggs, organic sugar, farm fresh local milk and cream are the base for flavors like sticky toffee pudding, caramel honeycomb, and Dingle Gin. If sorbet is more enticing, let it be known they make it with distilled Dingle rainwater. True story.


Teddy’s has been at it for 70 years, where they churn out vanilla “whipped” ice cream, or as it is known in the U.S., soft serve. It is creamy, and a local tradition where customers have been coming for a couple of generations now. Whipped ice cream is dressed up with all sorts of delicious toppings. Teddy’s also sells all sorts of sweets, so if ice cream is not your bag, you can fill a bag with candy instead.


Two locations in Dublin, and the sister shop of another favorite ice cream shop, Storm in a Teacup, Scrumdiddly’s doesn’t just have the best name, but also serves up some scrumptious desserts. These treats are Instagram worthy as they pile on the toppings and the sauces until they are falling out of the cone or cups.             

I hope this has been helpful for you and comes in handy in your travels! If you have any favorite ice cream shops, please let us know if the comments section.

And if you haven’t had a chance, read our post on some of the top places to get ice cream in the Americas.

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