October 13, 2015

Online Language Training Gives Employees a Head Start—and Boosts ROI

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Online Language Training Gives Employees a Head Start—and Boosts ROI

Clients often tell us that, even in countries considered to be well-known expat destinations, their assignees are surprised to find that the lack of language training is more of a hindrance than they expected. In many cases, this is because even if English is the common business language in large cities, companies are branching out to locations within the country where the native language—or languages!—are the norm. And in almost all foreign locations, having some basics of the native language goes a long way to showing respect and furthering the all-important relationship-building that underlies success in many cultures. 

But it can be difficult for busy assignees to fit language training into their schedules, particularly in the critical pre-departure phase when getting an early start can help them “hit the ground running.” Our new online language training capability makes it possible for learners to access training anytime, anywhere, so they can start training early and then either continue it or transition to a live trainer once they reach their destination.

How does it work? Our unique, proprietary digital system offers a truly unique, interactive online classroom in which a live language trainer interacts directly with employees. Lessons are customized, and scheduling is easy and flexible. The platform also incorporates reporting
and tracking, and the ability to start training early maximizes use of training dollars and increases companies’ return on investment.

Request a free trial of our new online language training, or call your Cartus account representative to find out how this revolution in language training can benefit you and your employees.

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Patrice is vice president, Intercultural & Language Solutions and Consulting. She has held a wide variety of leadership posts at Cartus since 1989. She also successfully completed extended business assignments in Singapore and Australia.

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