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Jennifer White

Jen is manager of Consulting Solutions and has more than 25 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, predominantly in global operations, account management, program implementation, and policy design.

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A growing number of companies are choosing to send employees on short-term relocation assignments as opposed to long-term or permanent ones. According to Cartus’ Global Mobility Policy & Practices survey, 46% of respondents said short-term assignments were expected to increase, with another 43%…
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Employees taking on short-term assignments are expected to hit the ground running and produce quick results. Often, they are without their families in unfamiliar surroundings. Since 52% of respondents to Cartus’ Global Mobility Policy and Practices survey said that they expected the frequency of…
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Today, companies are placing emphasis on constructing relocation policies that are more in line with their mobility goals, objectives, and purpose, along with keeping abreast of changing employee profiles and destination locations. Over the past decade, companies have been searching for ways to…