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Dave Sabey

Dave Sabey is a Director of Account Management based in Texas. He has over 10 years of experience in the relocation industry in Intercultural & Language Training and relocation management.

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In my last three blog posts―(The Decision to Relocate, Preparing for a Relocation, and Arriving in a New Country)―I’ve shared my experiences in making the decision to relocate with my family, preparing for a relocation, and arriving in a new country. After relocating to Austin, Texas in January 2016…
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In my previous blog post, Preparing for a Relocation, I shared some of the aspects of preparing for my family’s relocation. On 1st December 2015, we received the news we had been waiting almost 10 months for – my visa was approved and we could make our final travel arrangements. With a mixture of…
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In my previous blog post, The Decision to Relocate, I shared some insights into the aspects that influenced my family’s decision to relocate. Now that the decision was made, some of the logistics came into play, and we learnt surprising, and sometimes hard, lessons.