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John Fisher

John Fisher, P.A., is physician assistant in Cartus’ Wellness Center in Danbury. He previously practiced occupational medicine at Corporate Health Care and worked in family practice at the Western Connecticut Medical Group in Brookfield, CT. He has been employed by Danbury Hospital as a physician assistant for 37 years.

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This year, influenza has struck earlier in the U.S., and has been more severe, than in years past, and business travelers – both ingoing and outgoing – to the U.S. need to be aware of the symptoms and precautions, as a bad case of the flu can severely impact business and travel plans. 
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The mosquito-bite-transmitted Zika virus has been a health concern for some time now. Prior to 2015, the virus had been identified in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. More recently, the virus has been identified in Brazil and Central America, and it has spread to other countries,…
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Aline Sodre-Lopes, Supply Chain account manager in Cartus’ Brazil office, recently brought me up to date on the current outbreak of dengue fever in São Paulo and what it might mean to assignees and managers who have volume in the area. São Paulo has been suffering through the worst drought in…