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Patrice Heinzer

Patrice is vice president, Intercultural & Language Solutions and Consulting. She has held a wide variety of leadership posts at Cartus since 1989. She also successfully completed extended business assignments in Singapore and Australia.

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In many ways – access to more travel options, a shared global food culture, social media and technology advances – it often seems that the world truly is becoming smaller. But it would be a mistake to assume that cultural differences are disappearing. Things can sometimes look similar on the surface…
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Jenny Castelino, Cartus director of intercultural and language solutions, leads off her recent Worldwide ERC® MOBILITY magazine article, One Size Does Not Fit All: Exemplary Customer Service Around the World, with a simple, but counter-intuitive, statement – “When it comes to providing exceptional…
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I think we would all agree that a successful relocation is predicated upon the assignee and their family perceiving that they received stellar customer service that fully addressed their priority concerns.