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Susan Ginsberg

Susan Ginsberg is Vice President Global Services and Business Development of School Choice International. She has more than 25 years’ experience in business development and strategic planning.

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Families with special needs children are often resistant to accepting an international relocation unless they can be certain that their child will be appropriately supported in the new location. Experienced providers have the knowledge necessary to help identify the most appropriate educational…
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When a family with school-age children is being moved abroad, why do they need help with their schooling choices? What is so complicated about schooling in other countries? Cartus’ Biggest Challenges survey lists finding appropriate schools as a top challenge for employees who are relocating with…
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Cartus’ Biggest Challenges survey lists schooling issues as one of the leading challenges for employees relocating abroad. Of particular concern were schooling challenges in Greater China (cited by 48% of respondents), Africa (45%), and the Middle East (44%). Given that the survey sample includes…