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Susan Ng

Susan is Vice President of Destination Services & Real Estate for Asia Pacific and manages our destination service business teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, and PR China.

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With education such a critical issue for families relocating with children, parents face a range of key decisions to ensure their school choice is the right one. The Cartus Singapore Schools Overview offers insights into making the best choices when relocating to the city state of Singapore.
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As part of Cartus’ Destination Services in Asia, we publish regular updates on residential property that provide an insight into expatriate housing in locations such as Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our latest outlook reviews key trends in property rentals.
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Singapore has recently been in the news for taking measures to tighten its immigration rules for foreign employees. Several initiatives have been put into place over recent years, and in our latest Cartus Mobility Insights on Singapore Immigration we review what those changes are and provide…