December 3, 2015

Questions Attendees Asked About “Relocation’s Biggest Challenges” in our Worldwide ERC SpeedSession

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Questions Attendees Asked About “Relocation’s Biggest Challenges” in our Worldwide ERC SpeedSession

I recently joined Anna Watkins, a director on our Client Services team in the UK, and Jen White, a manager in our global Consulting Solutions group, to host Cartus’ “Relocation’s Biggest Challenges” Worldwide ERC® SpeedSession. As in previous years, the session content was based on our annual Biggest Challenges survey—a wide-ranging look at how relocation managers around the world view their most critical challenges and their most challenging locations, and share some of the solutions they are developing in response. It was particularly gratifying for the three of us, as we have worked with many multinational organizations that have extensive global footprints and have been in the forefront of both experiencing—and solving—many of the common issues that we discussed in the presentation.

In fact, although highlights and key trends from the survey were a primary part of our presentation, much of our content was focused on “real life” issues that assignees and companies face in three of the most challenging locales for relocation: Brazil, Africa, and China. We discussed everything from tax compliance to housing to cultural challenges—each location having its own unique set of complications that require a great deal of upfront planning, accurate knowledge, financial and compensation frameworks, and policy support. 

Relocation’s Biggest Challenges: Follow-Up Information

The attendees of our webinar—over 400 in all—had quite a few questions, ranging from kidnap and ransom insurance to locations with the highest costs. Because we weren’t able to get to all of the questions we received, we’ve included a summary here. You can also listen to a recording of the SpeedSession or request our Biggest Challenges survey for more information!

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