February 19, 2015

Raytheon Recognizes Cartus for Service Excellence!

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Raytheon Recognizes Cartus for Service Excellence!

During our client Raytheon’s recent Supplier Conference, Steve Sebestyen and I were on hand to receive Raytheon’s 2014 Service Excellence Recognition award on behalf of the Cartus team. The conference provides an opportunity for Raytheon to collaborate with key suppliers to drive affordability, innovative solutions, and best-in-class service offerings.

Steve and I were greatly honored to accept the award on behalf of all the hard-working Cartus employees who service the Raytheon account. The Cartus teams work hard every day to support the Raytheon mission of customer success. Our long, productive relationship with Raytheon has been built on a foundation of collaboration and excellent service delivery.

Cartus is very excited about our future with Raytheon. We will continue to deliver the highest levels of service and further align ourselves with Raytheon’s strategic initiatives. This partnership is equally important to both participants, and we will continue to nurture and value it, both now and in the future!

Raytheon Team members pictured are, back row, left to right: Michael Laudano, Aaron Van Geersdaele, Cassandra Moore, Kristin Grasseler, Diana Paparo, John Paribello, Steve Sebestyen, Patrick Kahl, Vincent Fagnani, and Pat Langton; front row, left to right: Lindsay Ehrhard, Paula Culbreth, Bill Tully (holding the award), Marianne Questel, Ashley Holmes, and Myra Li. Not shown: Anna Biasetti, Kate Bodden, Louise Darcy, Maureen DiComo, Danny Diggs, Millie Durlester, Ken Kopec, and Angela Wolfe.

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Bill Tully

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Bill has worked in a variety of roles in account management and operations for more than 23 years and currently serves as Director, Global Accounts, leading global client engagements for Cartus. Bill is the business lead for many of our technology development initiatives supporting our clients and customers, including MovePro Dashboard, our Welcome portal technology for customers, and CartusMobile.

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