July 12, 2016

Relocating to India: Tips for International Assignees

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Relocating to India: Tips for International Assignees

No two Indian cities are the same. The people, the features, the food, the traditions, and the customs are exciting and intriguing. There’s a lot to learn when preparing  for an international assignment. Our latest On The Ground video on India gives hints and tips for a successful relocation to this vibrant, exciting country.

Key Recommendations

  • Recent moves by companies away from major cities have increased the available housing supply and largely kept rental costs flat. Landlords are becoming more realistic with rental values, although premium locations will always command a higher rent.
  • School choices are not currently a challenge in large cities, although places are in short supply in Tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • Expatriates should not drive due to the traffic discipline and regular congestion. International assignees should be given a car and driver, and are advised not to use public transport due to overcrowding.
  • Official paperwork will take longer than expected and the processes can be complicated. Advance planning is important to ensure necessary timescales are met.
  • Dress conservatively for business meetings and apply sensible security precautions in big cities at all times.
  • Visit India with an open mind and without preconceived ideas of what the country will be like. Be prepared for crowds and listen out for the the adaption of English into locally spoken “Hinglish”!

Indian people are warm, hospitable, and friendly. The food is delicious and many vistors come back time and again to re-experience the chaos, the colour, and the warmth of India!  View our On The Ground video on India for a preview of this unique relocation destination, and for more videos on locations around the world, visit our On the Ground video library on our YouTube channel.

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