December 10, 2015

Relocating to Kenya: Tips for International Assignees

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Relocating to Kenya: Tips for International Assignees

In recent years, many multinational organizations have established regional headquarters in Kenya, particularly in its capital city Nairobi. Nairobi is a large, pleasant city, but there are some key things for assignees to know when relocating there. Our newest video on relocating to Kenya provides tips and best practices for assignees.

Housing in Nairobi

Due to the presence of expatriate aid organizations and government agencies, housing availability has decreased—and prices have increased—over the past few years. There are a broad range of housing types in Nairobi, but the most desirable options can be expensive, with high rents and service fees. In addition, Nairobi housing can come with unexpected charges such as security, stamp duty, and installation of extra security devices. Quality of construction can also be an issue; for example, dampness and leaks are often cited as problems. Landlords will usually attend to these, but on their own schedule.

Schools and Traffic in Nairobi

Nairobi’s traffic can be chaotic and can result in hours-long commutes. For this reason, it is best for the family to choose a school before they decide on a home, rather than vice versa—and an ever-increasing expat population has resulted in limited spaces.

Safety and Security for Assignees Relocating to Kenya

Regarding safety and security, expats should know that Kenyans are generally peace-loving and kind; but these days, it is wise to always be alert to one’s surroundings, no matter where you may be.

Expats who have experienced Kenya most often leave reluctantly and are very likely to express their great love for the country, its natural beauty, and its warm, welcoming people.

For more information, be sure to watch our newest video on relocating to Kenya, and read our Kenya Market Watch. View our Resource Hub page and On the Ground video series for information on moving to other emerging market locations.

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