January 7, 2016

Relocating to Nigeria: What International Assignees Need to Know

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Relocating to Nigeria: What International Assignees Need to Know

Many multinational organizations have in recent years established regional headquarters in Nigeria, particularly in its business capital, Lagos. It’s a city that is vast in size yet becomes severely congested during peak commuting hours. Our newest video on relocating to Nigeria provides tips and best practices for international assignees.

Schooling in Lagos

Because of the traffic difficulties, international assignees who are considering schools for their children should be sure to heed the advice of Cartus representatives on the ground. Choose a school, then start the home search nearby, rather than finding a home first. Many international schools—British, Dutch, French, etc.—are available in Lagos, but long wait lists are common. Parents of school-age children should, therefore, complete entrance applications as soon as their move has been confirmed.

Finding a Home in Lagos

Due to the presence of various expatriate organizations, the availability of housing has decreased—and prices have increased—over the past few years. Transferees should be aware that the entire lease period’s rent is expected to be paid up front. They should also be aware that due to the inadequate supply of rentals, a stay in temporary housing will likely be necessary.

International assignees also need to be aware that any necessary property improvements must be requested prior to signing a lease. And, Lagos is in an equatorial rain forest, so transferees should be prepared for the extreme humidity. Air conditioning is a must!

Take a Relocation Pre-Decision Trip to Nigeria

Assignees should be sure to take advantage of a pre-decision look/see trip before committing to the relocation. Once in country, it’s very helpful for them to connect with other expats, whose support and advice on a wide variety of topics will be invaluable. Feedback typically indicates that Nigerians are warm and welcoming. The country’s culture is unique and not to be missed!

For more information, be sure to watch our newest video on relocating to Nigeria. View our Resource Hub page and On the Ground video series for information on relocating to other emerging market locations.

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