April 29, 2015

Relocating to Spain: New Driving License Regulations

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Relocating to Spain: New Driving License Regulations

Do you relocate international assignees to Spain? Or do you have assignees who have moved to Spain? If so, you need to make sure that assignees from a European Union country who plan to drive whilst on assignment are complying with Spanish traffic law.

Traffic Law Explained

Previously, there was confusion about what steps EU assignees needed to take to comply with Spanish law whilst driving in the country. Confirmation has now been given stating that an EU assignee with a home country driving license that does not have an expiry date, or the expiry date of which is more than 15 years away, must exchange their license for a Spanish equivalent. Spanish driving licenses can be obtained from the country’s Department of Traffic, and assignees must get one within two years of taking up residence in Spain.

Impact on the Assignee

This law applies to all assignees from an EU country residing in Spain for two years or more from 19 January 2015. Should assignees be stopped by the Spanish traffic police and found not to be in compliance, they will have to pay a €200 fine, will be required to leave their vehicle, and will not be permitted to drive again until they obtain a Spanish driving license.

Impact on the Organisation

Organisations need to ensure that assignees impacted by this traffic law are aware of the steps they need to take in order to comply. All HR teams involved in relocation should also be made aware ahead of future relocations to Spain.

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