February 18, 2016

Relocating to Spain: Tips for International Assignees

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Relocating to Spain: Tips for International Assignees

Employees on assignment in Spain will find a country with a rich history, modern accommodations, and a relaxed pace. About 6% of the population are expatriates, both employed and retired. Expats from around the world move to Spain for its warm climate, affordable housing, and relaxed atmosphere. Our newest video on relocating to Spain provides tips and best practices for international assignees.

Tips and Recommendations for Relocation to Spain

Due to the country’s recent economic downturn, many former homeowners are now renters, so it’s wise to decide quickly when choosing a home; properties move very quickly, and there aren’t many of them available.

Schooling options are straightforward; there are three categories: international schools, private schools, and public schools. And many of the so-called “expatriate communities” are located near these schools, which results in considerably less stress than in other countries, where the commutes to and from school can be arduous.

One requirement for expats is that they obtain an NIE (identification number); a marriage license and/or birth certificates will need to be presented for each family member, including children. The local government will claim its town budget based on the total number of people living there, and that includes expats and their families.

Spain and its cities offer a well-established infrastructure and modern living in a welcoming environment. The pace is generally relaxed compared with other European countries, and the temperate climate is a delight. It’s quite likely that you will not want to leave!

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