June 4, 2015

Research Brings Value Added to Swiss Relocation

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Research Brings Value Added to Swiss Relocation

As the appetite for international assignments in Switzerland continues to grow, we take a look at the importance of preparation. Just as when shopping for ingredients, it is important to weigh up the price/quality ratio. By sharing recent research, Cartus brings added value to organizations that are relocating employees to Switzerland.

As cost control once again topped the list of biggest challenges facing relocation/mobility managers, we asked HR professionals at the recent Personal Swiss HR trade fair in Zurich what they considered to be their biggest relocation cost issues.

Cost of living and housing stood out as the two major concerns. Sourcing rented accommodation for assignees can be challenging in locations such as Zurich and Geneva, with vacancy rates of 0.69% and 0.39% respectively, pushing up prices.

Another hot topic mentioned by HR professionals was immigration. How would their organizations be impacted by the new annual migrant quotas? In our blog post Swiss Relocation – Annual Migrant Quotas, Cartus in-house immigration specialists presented an overview of these measures and their implications.

Our mini pulse survey also asked HR professionals to share their cost-saving tips. The two most common were “get an expert adviser” and “choose the right assignee.”

Recipe for a Successful Relocation Program in Switzerland

The secret of any dish lies not only in the quality of the ingredients, but also in thoughtful preparation. Key steps could include:

•  Guidance from an expert

•  Weigh up the quality and cost of the ingredients

•  Handle the hot topics with care

•  Adapt to taste

•  Serve with care and a smile

To find out more about how Cartus can help you stay informed on these and other relocation trends, please contact me, Audren Gudiksen, at our Geneva office on +41.(0)22.307.22.94, or email me at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

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