October 1, 2015

Rightsizing Your Global Mobility Program: Essential to Talent Management

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Rightsizing Your Global Mobility Program: Essential to Talent Management

The topic of linking global relocation and talent management, an essential step in organizations’ desire to capture their return on investment (ROI) for international assignments, continues to be uncharted territory. Cartus’ latest studies indicate that most companies are no further along in closing the gaps that exist across various HR disciplines, including relocation.

We are, however, seeing some companies take small steps toward “rightsizing” their policies to match corporate relocation and talent goals, a strategy that may result in cost savings and a renewed ability to focus on capture of ROI. Our latest Mobility Insights report takes a look at how some companies are taking a more strategic approach by designing policies based on employee level, overall assignment objectives, strategic nature of the assignment, and/or assignee responsibilities. This approach, sometimes referred to as “purpose- or assignment-driven,” can also assist companies in realizing some cost savings.

Please read our informative Mobility Insights or view my short video to gain insights on how you can redesign your programs and policies to better align with your latest business and assignment strategies, as well as your employee demographics.

Please email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com if you have any questions or comments, or visit our Resource Hub for valuable information to help you navigate your way through the constantly changing landscape of global mobility.


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