May 7, 2014

Split Families and Global Relocation



Split Families and Global Relocation

Much of what used to be standard practice in terms of assignment patterns and support can no longer be taken for granted. One prime example is the emerging trend of the split family, when the assignee and family live apart for some time—or permanently—during an assignment. In our new Insights video, Uli Leib of Cartus discusses the issue and provides a number of tips and recommendations for mobility managers.

Split family situations appear to be on the increase. When asked in our recent survey whether families were “always” allowed to accompany assignees on long-term assignments, 14% fewer respondents answered “yes” than had done so in 2012. Whether due to infrastructure, housing, or schooling issues in emerging market areas, cost issues or other family issues, there are situations where having the family go along can be problematic, at best.

Our new video identifies steps relocation practitioners can take to help, including avoiding the issue through approaches like candidate assessment or employing policy and program approaches that ease the separation.

Watch our video or download our Insights on Split Family Situations to learn more.

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