January 14, 2016

Swiss Relocation: Find Out the Latest Rental Market Trends

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Swiss Relocation: Find Out the Latest Rental Market Trends

Our Cartus Switzerland MarketWatch provides insight into the current trends in the Swiss rental market. In particular, we focus on two cities frequented by international assignees, Geneva and Zurich, including rental trends, expatriate neighbourhoods, and key legislative issues.

Relocation to Geneva

Geneva has not seen any significant rental market changes for several years. Rental rates remain high compared to world standards, and demand continues to outstrip supply. However, one trend that is now emerging is a change in tenant perception. This shift in attitude, which we’re seeing most notably in the expatriate population, appears to be placing far greater emphasis on the price and value of a property. So, despite the market remaining competitive, prospective tenants are no longer willing to just accept the price they’re given, and because of this, rental rates are becoming more negotiable. 

Relocation to Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city, remains quite a challenging market for those looking for rental accommodation. The good news is that in the last year, tenant demand has eased somewhat, which has brought down rental rates. Even so, relocating employees should still expect to pay relatively high prices when compared to world standards.  

The city is divided into 12 districts, each containing roughly between one and four neighbourhoods. Districts 3, 4, 6, and 8 are popular with expatriates. In terms of price, average monthly rental rates are lower in Districts 3 and 4 than in Districts 6 and 8.

For a more detailed review of the Swiss rental market, read the Cartus Switzerland Market Watch and view our Resource Page for information on other major locations worldwide.

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