November 13, 2014

Talent Management in the 21st Century

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Talent Management in the 21st Century

Based on material that Joy Lee of Covidien and I previously published, a more concise version of our talent management philosophy was recently adapted for publication on the Talent Management Excellence Essentials website. The question of creating a new way of thinking about how talent is managed has applications not only for businesses themselves, but also for employees who are charged with domestic and global staffing requirements and employees who are relocating to manage business on a global front.

Our philosophy is directed at companies that have hesitated to link seemingly disparate functions and addresses the benefits of aligning global mobility with companies’ talent strategies to support worldwide business goals. This will, in the end, support and recognize employee engagement, career development, and long-term retention of key talent.

What’s your company’s talent management philosophy? We’d love to see comments from others who have redefined it in their workplaces!

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