October 29, 2014

The Top 10 Destinations for Global Relocation

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The Top 10 Destinations for Global Relocation

Cartus’ Top 10 International Relocation Destinations count among them some names that have seen thousands of global assignments over the past decade:  the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, China. With growing familiarity, it’s easy to assume that the world really is becoming smaller and cultural differences are becoming less visible—but that can lead to some surprising gaffes, as our interactive worldwide map shows.

For employees on global assignments, where company goals and job productivity can be on the line, knowing what not to do and say is even more important.

So if you’re wondering how to help your relationships and success abroad, click on our Top 10 International Relocation Destinations or our interactive map. You’ll learn how business cards in Hong Kong or making eye contact in Germany can have an impact on your relationships—and, ultimately, on your business success!

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Mike Brannan

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Mike is Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain Management. Mike is responsible for the Cartus global supplier network, with a focus on optimizing supplier service delivery in markets around the world. He is also responsible Cartus’ Intercultural & Language Solutions business segment, International Assignment Compensation Services group, and Consulting Solutions group.

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