September 4, 2014

What’s the ROI of Cross-Cultural and Language Training?: Webinar

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What’s the ROI of Cross-Cultural and Language Training?: Webinar

Are you an international HR professional who is juggling the needs of assignees with the pressure to contain costs? If so, you are likely being asked to justify an initial investment in cross-cultural and language training. The experts at Cartus will help provide a new perspective on measuring the ROI from assignees receiving these benefits.

Join us for our September 16  eLearning, ROI of Cross Cultural & Language Training, where we’ll discuss:

•  Demonstrating and identifying ROI in Cross-Cultural and Language Training programs

•  Information to determine and measure best practices for assignment success

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This eLearning has been approved for 1 CRP credit from Worldwide ERC®. 

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Patrice Heinzer

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Patrice is vice president, Intercultural & Language Solutions and Consulting. She has held a wide variety of leadership posts at Cartus since 1989. She also successfully completed extended business assignments in Singapore and Australia.

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