March 17, 2016

How is the Zika Virus Impacting Your Relocation Program?

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How is the Zika Virus Impacting Your Relocation Program?

The Zika virus continues to dominate the news, although both the causes and transmission factors are still not completely understood. What seems clear is that relocation managers will be under pressure to provide answers, and possibly guidelines, for their assignees travelling to potentially affected areas. Cartus recently surveyed our client base to find out what companies are doing in response to this health situation.

What Relocation Managers Said About Zika Virus Responses

  • 80% of respondents had employees moving into or out of affected areas, but fewer than 20% had received requests for evacuation (either temporary or permanent).
  • The predominant action being taken at present (almost 60% of respondents) was providing up to date information to employees from recognized authorities such as WHO and ISOS.
  • Less than 6% were taking other actions such as evacuating employees or putting a hold on assignments to affected areas.
  • Only 22% anticipated any cost impacts from the Zika situation.
  • Respondents were split almost evenly on whether or not they had a formal policy in place to address health situations like the Zika virus; 47% indicated they have a formal policy in place, while 53% do not.

Health situations like Zika are commonly handled by companies with the same actions they employ for other “crisis” type issues. These actions can include, for example, regular health or security briefings either by in-house experts or consultants, and stepped up measures such as updating assignee contact lists so that whereabouts and travel plans are known.

Please read our full survey results to learn more, and we will continue to keep you updated on any developments as they become available. You can also visit the CDC’s website for more information on the Zika virus. Please be sure to comment on this post to let us know what your company is doing in response to the Zika virus.

UPDATE: Read how the Zika Virus is impacting relocation in Singapore in our blog post Singapore Relocation: The Zika Virus

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