Creative Relocation Solutions Come to Life:
Have Done. Will Do. The Winners Announced!

Cartus is excited to announce the winners of our 2017 Have Done. Will Do. story contest for exceptional service and creative solutions. All employees were able to submit stories reflecting real solutions for real challenges impacting our valued clients and their relocating employees. Please watch the video below and celebrate their innovation, ingenuity and flexibility.

Renegotiating Leases For Cost Savings


Currency-Fluctuations-Lease-Savings-NO STAMP.jpg

Currency fluctuations can have both positive and negative effects on international assignee compensation and the costs of an international assignment. For one group of Cartus clients, their volumes, locations, and employee concentrations resulted in cost savings when Cartus saw an opportunity to decrease costs on leased properties due to currency devaluation. The local currency was the Russian Ruble and leases were set in U.S. Dollars, which caused a variance when the value of the Ruble declined. Read | Download

HDWD-Political Upheaval-800px-no stamp.jpgA Group Move Runs Up Against Political Upheaval

A group move of 100 families from Venezuela to Brazil wasn’t going to be a simple job under any circumstances, but another element threatened to further complicate the situation—the move was taking place amid an ongoing deterioration of the political situation in Venezuela. Read | Download

HDWD-QR-Code - 800px-no stamp.jpgA Quick Response: QR Code Solves China Assignees' Expense Challenge

When the Chinese State Administration of Taxation (SAT) announced changes to value added tax (VAT) that would be effective from July 2017, a Cartus client with international assignees in China was faced with an additional layer of complexity relating to their relocation expenses. Read | Download


Warm Hearts at Cold Lake

Stellar customer service is more than just checking off a list of to-do items. For two families from Kazakhstan, Cartus showed what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty, knitting a support chain that included a dedicated team of Cartus consultants and on-the-ground members of Cartus’ global supplier network. Read | WatchDownload

HDWD-India - 800px-no stamp.jpgConnecting Clients to Leverage India Expertise

When one of our clients needed more information on a new destination in which another client had a long track record, Cartus stepped in to help the client who was beginning to evaluate their future plans to manage moves within the new destination: India. Read | WatchDownload

relocation case study, switzerland, negotiationLocal Expertise Saves Money in Switzerland

In Switzerland, landlords typically carry more weight than renters, leading to issues for assignees in a number of areas. One of the most predominant is repairs and refurbishing at the end of a lease. Cartus assists in negotiations resulting in substantial cost savings. Read | Download

talent management, women, leadershipTraining Women's Sights on Leadership

When a client wanted to support the career growth of the female graduate talent it attracted, our Intercultural and Language Solutions Director, Jenny, customized a program, knowing the most effective advocates for change would be the women themselves. Read | Download

Innovative Intern Program Delivers Savings for HRIntern Program Delivers Savings to HR

Working with a fast moving, innovative retail company means things are never dull. With talent acquisition a key strategic initiative, one of the areas the client was focused on was their intern program. Cartus recommendations resulted in $300,000 savings annually. Read | Download

Case-Study-Billion-DollarsIf We Had a Billion Dollars

Cost control is a significant focus in many clients’ relocation programs, so when a long-term client stated a new goal to “save a billion bucks,” we partnered with them to generate a variety of savings through changes to their policies. Read | WatchDownload

Cartus Consultant the Cat's MeowCartus Consultant Becomes the Cat's Meow

When moving to a new home, the last thing relocating employees need to worry about is the fear of their pets getting loose and either under the feet of movers or, perhaps worse, running out of an open door. Read |  Download

Culture ShockCulture Shock!

When the spouse of an assignee was so unhappy in her new surroundings that she decided she wanted to return home to the U.S. immediately, Cartus - citing cultural differences as the key issue - set about providing as much support as possible to help her through the decision-making process. Read | Download

Home away From HomeHome Sweet Home - Away From Home

When a client needed to relocate eight highly trained technicians from China to the UK we knew they’d need a unique solution. Cartus arranged for some unique services to make the process less intimidating. Read | Download

implementation-multiple-regionsThe Sun Never Sets on a Global Implementation

Each relocation program implementation is unique, and requires a customized communication and workflow plan to ensure success. But when our team was faced with a global, multi-regional implementation, with a short timeline, and stakeholders across regions providing feedback and signoff, that’s when superior planning is really important. Read | WatchDownload

business travel, egyptMaking Business Travel Easier in Egypt

Business travel can be a good solution for companies that need to meet project needs, and for employees who need to balance home-location responsibilities. Hotels, however, can be expensive and uncomfortable. Cartus helps one client find $9,000 savings per move and better accommodations. Read | Download

AngolaFrom Texas to Africa: Crossing the Language Barrier

When the regional president of a Texas-based oil company needed to relocate from Houston to the South African country of Angola, he faced a considerable challenge. The team’s solution: create a highly customized and culture-focused hands-on immersion program for the executive, with a diverse and strategic array of tools at his disposal. Read | WatchDownload

ReinventingReinventing a Relocation Program to Save Costs

Finding ways to reduce relocation costs can make or break a company’s program. When a Cartus client of 18 years found itself facing tremendous pressure to drive down costs, Cartus demonstrated what being the most trusted guide in the industry can accomplish. Read | Download

relocation case study, nigeriaLess Money, More Problems

Very few things are more worrying than the thought of not having enough money to support yourself and family. This became a reality for an assignee, when Nigeria implemented foreign exchange currency restrictions. Cartus' solution brought peace of mind. Read | Download

bulldogFrom Russia, with Love

When a Russian assignee accepted a job in Switzerland, there was no doubt that her beloved companion would be relocating with her. It wasn’t going to be easy to arrange, because her significant pet was a slightly plump bulldog with some breathing issues. Read | WatchDownload

goatRelocating Got Your Goat?

Cartus client services manager, Daedra, was up against quite a challenge when she found herself responsible for a family’s relocation to the Houston area. In addition to meeting the long-term needs of her transferring employee, his wife and their children, she also needed to find temporary housing that could accommodate their goat. Read | WatchDownload


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