Employee Stories

Take a look back at Cartus’ six decades of industry leadership, innovative support, and trusted guidance — and view our employees telling their own stories of life at Cartus over the years!


Hector Perez – Active Body, Active Mind: Cartus Boot Camp


As a 3-year employee with Cartus, Hector Perez already had experience in several different functional areas of Cartus, but one of his most enjoyable roles is leading Boot Camp sessions with employees that contribute to “active body, active minds” and an overall positive impact on worklife and attitude.

 Ann Marie Wizel – Pioneering Property Management60-Year-Stories-video-thumb-Ann-Marie-Wizel

With 35 years at Cartus, Ann Marie Wizel has been in on some of the company’s most exciting innovations. In this video, she discusses her experience helping to pioneer Cartus’ Property Management service.

Crystal-Abbey-video-thumbCrystal Abbey — From temp to director: a 360-degree view of Cartus

Starting out as a temp who sat at a desk in the hallway and filled out those pink WYWO slips, Crystal graduated to full-time employee and learned to use voicemail—then videoconferencing—then online communications that are shared worldwide. Working in Cartus’ Consulting Services practice, she witnessed the evolution of the relo industry and changes such as the growth of international assignments. Now, as a director of business development, she gets to use all the knowledge that she’s accumulated over the years to demonstrate what a great company Cartus is!

J-Charney-video-thumbJackie Charney — From Conversation Cards to Online Chats

Early in her Cartus career, Jackie was an administrator in Real Estate Services, supporting field staff who phoned in home appraisal information. Now, 28 years later, Jackie recalls how important these conversations were to the business, and she believes that although the services may have changed since then, the focus on our customers remains paramount.

Ian-Payne-videoIan Payne — Launching Cartus Worldwide

Ian has been instrumental in the dramatic expansion of Cartus worldwide. With his leadership, our EMEA and APAC regions have grown to almost 900 employees today from a mere handful in 1997. In this video, he shares his recollections of the early days that paved the way for the decades ahead.

Tony-Bosco-Video-smallTony Bosco — 2 weeks’ training; 22 years on the job

From a newbie supporting Cartus Consultants with just a phone and some paper folders, Tony — now a vice president — has a unique perspective on the company’s growth.


B-Fainer-video-thumbBarbara Fainer — Excellent service is our bottom line

From the days of “dumb” computer terminals to worldwide information sharing, Barbara’s focus on service has never wavered.


Jon-Wyatt-video-thumbJon Wyatt — Customer satisfaction before the tech age

Pre- and post-technological advances, Jon has always represented the Cartus emphasis on topnotch customer service.

Cathy-Moore-video-thumbCathy Moore — Voice of Cartus

An employee since the earliest days of Cartus, Cathy Moore has not only worked through five company name changes but has also been present for the enormous changes that have occurred here. She has seen the company grow from 200 U.S. employees to a corporate relocation and intercultural training.

Pam-Ross-video-thumbPam Ross — From envelope stuffer to Consulting Manager

Pam Ross on Customer Service: it's the common thread that knits us all together.

Ken-Eng-video-thumbKen Eng — Pioneer Expat

A stint as Cartus’ first international assignee taught Ken how to “walk in the shoes” of his customers who were also departing their homelands.