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Who We Are

For more than 30 years, the Cartus language training organization has worked exclusively with international businesses to ready employees and their families for success on the global stage. Also a world leader in cultural training, our depth across these linked fields ensures customers develop the broad competencies necessary to make positive, impactful, and critical cross-cultural connections.




Our Thinking

It is the mission of the Cartus Language Academy in creating the Cartus Language Standard© (CLS) to continually challenge our understanding of what effective corporate language trainers do around the globe and facilitate their growth to prepare for, advance, and support language and intercultural learning.

Combining our own accumulated best practices with insights from well-respected language consultants in both corporate and academic language fields, the Cartus Language Academy has developed a customer engagement and program design system called the Cartus Language Standard. Based on the fundamentals of adult learning theory and the positive “can do” task-based learning framework of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the CLS provides our trainers with a system for streamlined development of targeted and customized learning plans using backward design. CLS trainer toolkits include tools to map language proficiency and learners’ cultural appropriateness, and custom “can do” task-based lesson activities that complement trainers’ own teaching styles.

We Believe In

  • A different kind of customer engagement that involves the learner in course design
  • The importance of leveraging intrinsic motivation
  • Workflow training, that focuses on immediate usefulness of language skills
  • Multiple forms of learning—leveraging the multitude of learning opportunities available
  • Task-based assessments
  • The importance of customer feedback loops
  • Creating an open environment of sharing best practices across our trainer network

Join Our Network!

We are looking for passionate, experienced, professional language trainers and coaches around the world who enjoy working with employees and their families and would like the opportunity to grow your business and your expertise.

“I liked the flexibility to be able to customize to my specific Executive communication needs. It’s difficult to have long conversations other than with colleagues. When I had classes with Cartus trainer Brian, I could face many American cultural topics especially helpful for understanding my life in the U.S.” - Business assignee in the U.S.

Our Commitment to You

  • Free training on our system of designing 1-1 personalized programs, complete with trainer tools
  • Learn how to incorporate intercultural competency into your approach
  • Referrals to passionate learners—professionals and families from around the world
  • A variety of scheduling options—freelance, flexible, part-time employment (we work with freelancers and select partner schools)
  • Professional support from the Cartus Language Academy and our team of language professionals around the world

If you are interested in joining our team as a Language provider, email us to submit your information.