Intercultural & Language Solutions

Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions is a leading global workforce development consultancy. Our consultative training programs are built to strengthen individual competencies and organizational capabilities to enhance business performance. Cartus Intercultural & Language Solutions combines consulting and performance support,  providing your employees with the skills and mindset required to meet the complex and changing needs of global business. We deploy our multi-disciplined trainers to deliver intercultural and language solutions anywhere in the world, including your office.

Intercultural Services

Support the success of an international assignment for your company, the assignee, and his or her family by identifying employee and family competencies and readiness for assignment abroad. Then facilitate the adjustment from the outset of an assignment to its conclusion. Our programs ensure that your employees adapt and perform proficiently in different cultural surroundings. We deliver intercultural training programs in multiple languages for most countries we serve. Specific services we offer include Assignment Readiness, Short Term Assignment Support, Cross-Cultural Training for Youth and Teen and for Assignees.

Language Services

Language training is integral to success in an international setting. Cartus' Language Services are designed to meet the specific needs of international assignees, family members, business travelers, and other non-relocating individuals. Training is available for a wide variety of languages in countries around the world. Our comprehensive language training includes general and advanced training, accent modification, and advanced business communication. Our distinctive, customized face-to-face training is available both in person and online.

Intercultural Management Services

Cartus’ Intercultural Management Training gives you the tools to build intercultural awareness, gain competitively required skills, and create a globally successful business. We provide training and development to assist your organization in understanding cultural and cross-cultural influences on your business and to support skills development to ensure global business success.

Last year, Cartus conducted more than 9,400 cross-cultural and language training programs encompassing 88 unique countries.

Watch Cartus videos on important topics, including:

  • Culture and Trends, with detail on conducting business in foreign cultures and languages.
  • Global MarketWatch, exploring important topics in locations throughout the world such as housing, schooling, transportation, and country nuances.

For more information on our Intercultural & Language Solutions, contact Cartus.